Good music comes from the soul – and hits the heart. Whoever is blessed with the unique talent to turn every life situation into an enriching experience, surely nothing but follows her heart. And someone, who always remains true to her own philosophy with a smile on her lips, certainly comes bearing the most beautiful stories – COSHIVA is an extraordinary name for an extraordinary artist.

The singer-songwriter from Salzburg, who started to play the piano at the age of six, is fascinating her increasing audience with good vibes and positive pop songs. Charming and delightful, supported by resonant instruments like guitar, piano, mandolin and guitarlele, all played by herself, Coshiva’s music always sets its listeners in a joyful mood. The name „Coshiva“, her own creation, was meant to represent the sense of light-heartedness that is at the core of her musical creations.


Agent: Tom Resch
Territory: Austria