Anna F.
Anna F.

Anna F. is an independent and true artist, musician, singer/songwriter, actress, former sportsjournalist and occasionally model from Vienna, Austria.

And Anna F. is much more. She is neither a marketing phantasy nor a custom designed popstar, she actually is her own invention. Independent, unique and totally authentic she is not waiting for or running after something or somebody – she simply believes in people discovering her on their own.

Without a record contract and with no preprogrammed marketing machinery but with her own company “Anna F. Entertainment”, her recordlabel “moerdermusic” and an internationally experienced team behind her, she is exactely at that point, where many other aspiring artists dream of getting to:
She won the Austrian Music Award “Amadeus” 3 times with only 1 album out. At the same time she was the slamming opening act for the last European tour with Lenny Kravitz, who personally asked her to join him on his tour for 12 consecutive shows all over Europe after hearing only one soundcheck and one of her concerts. Anna’s songs are being played on Austrian and German Radio and her song “Most of all” was also on heavy rotation on Virgin Radio in Turkey. Her song “Time stands still” became the CI of one of the major Austrian Banks and can be heard since more than 2 years on all their TV commercials. She is currently cooperating with the clothing company DIESEL.

She most recently finished playing her first major role in a German/Austrian movie along with some oscar-nominated actors and directors who by accident stumbled over her “Most of all” bathroom video on Youtube.

She was awarded gold only two months after releasing her debut album, and most recently, signed a major worldwide publishing deal with EMI Germany. Currently she is working with some of the best international producers and songwriters on her upcoming album in LA, NYC and London. In a little break of a couple of weeks between extensive songwriting sessions she went on a roadtrip all across the USA following the paths of the “beat poets” ans Kerouacs book “On the road” for a special production for the European TV channel ARTE which will be broadcast all over Europe in summer 2012. Yes, and even that was not planned at all, it simply happened just like that – and Anna F. will let things happen just like that again and again and again.

Watch! And listen…


Agent: Tom Resch
Territory: Austria